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Absolute Value 

8x10 Blue_Peacock_Butterfly.jpg

My symbols of preference are collisions of fashion, nature, and myth.

As our tastes and lifestyles reflect values that are formed from day one. (How ever many thousands or millions of years ago that was!), our lives can be complicated. We ARE complicated.

In many cases, it takes quite a bit of courage or the willingness to be labeled "crazy" to express those values "out loud", yet, most of society lauds our creatives.

I feel that's because most people desire to express what they are becoming, and the best we can do is welcome that expression.

If you leave me alone in an unfamiliar room, I'll find a way to make art out of whatever I find. 

I'm inspired by women (goddesses) that rule our universe...(or should!)

  My process is opening my mind to what wants to come forward be it on paper, canvas, or other mediums. Sometimes the message can only be spoken in watercolor...other times in glass, then again oil on textured canvas. (sometimes it takes a few tries, sometimes it's almost magical how a piece will paint it's self).

Living in the Northwest gives me access to an open sky, thus an easier way to "hear" what wants to be heard.

The message I hear continually is beauty lies with in hope, and hope rests in LOVE.

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